I Passed my GCSEs

August 24, 2018

Absolutely shocked with my GCSE results. Never in a million years would I ever would have thought I could have achieved this. Time to celebrate now! This means that together with my Dance BTEC which I took 2 years ago, at the end of Year 11 I achieved the equivalent of 4 x A* in Performing Arts , 2 x A** in Science, an A * in Maths,, A* in English Literature, an A in Geography, A in Statistics, A in Media and a B in English Language. There was me worrying about not even being able to pass my English! I am so lucky to be at such a brilliant school with brilliant teachers who have inspired me and motivated me to work hard. I will be forever grateful. Looking forward to 6th form now studying Musical Theatre and A Level Maths.



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