Auditions for BOA!

February 27, 2016


I spent the day in Birmingham yesterday auditioning to try to get a place at Birmingham Ormiston Academy . I have many friends who go to this amazing school, and I have visited many times for Open Days, evenings and to see the shows that their students put on. It specialises in Performing Arts and I desperately want to start there in September. However, as there is only one other school like it in the country (The Brit School in London) that is, it is a state school and not a private school, it is very, very popular and each year many, many pupils apply to get a place. This week they have had a whole week of audition workshops. I was nervous in the morning as it means so much to me. I absolutely loved the day. We had a dance workshop which was amazing - I learnt so much and tried so hard. Then we had a singing workshop where we all learnt a brand new song and then were given solo lines from it to sing. I was pleased with how that went too. Acting was scary as we had to improvise but I think I did quite well and was quite proud of myself being able to think on my feet. I also had an individual interview which I really enjoyed and I felt that I was able to get across how much this means to me. I did my very best on the written task even though it was not my favourite part! Now I have a wait to see whether I have been successful or not. I will be so disappointed if I don't get a place but I know just yesterday on one day there were so many other amazingly talented people trying their best to impress too. Fingers crossed! I did my best and now it's out of my hands!




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