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I was so thrilled to have been awarded a Scholarship by Spirit in association with The Stage.

Here is the write-up and the video.

Billy Vale -Spirit Young Performers Company

Eight students have been awarded £12,000 worth of scholarships to train at Spirit Young Performers Company, a London-based organisation offering “elite-level training” in dance and musical theatre.

Billy Vale, a 16-year-old performer from Studley, Warwickshire, has been awarded a 40% scholarship.

“I was in the kitchen with my mum when the email came through,” he remembers. “We were both over the moon. It meant I had been recognised for my commitment to performing, and it made me want to fulfil my potential.”

“The first time I really sang was at my brother’s funeral,” he explains. “I was eight, he was 14, and had been battling cancer for seven years. When he passed away, I sang the Lord’s Prayer at his funeral, and that’s where it all started.”

“I just get such a buzz on stage, and I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence over the years,” he continues. “One day, I want to perform on a West End stage, and have people leave thinking it was amazing. I just want to make people’s lives full of entertainment.”

I had to work really hard on my articulation for this.  Sondheim isn't easy. A great recording studio for a venue and very proud of our live recording.

I am so pleased with how this video turned out. I am so lucky to work with all of these talented performers every week. I loved watching this musical - the best of the year so far.

I'm enjoying being back at Birmingham Ormiston Academy. Studying Musical Theatre and A Level Maths in 6th Form.

Great summer 'Wicked' workshop with Spirit in London after my GCSEs were over. Looking forward to seeing the finished video. - HERE IT IS -->

Two more Spirit videos. Loved the dancing role in 'Someone in the Crowd' and really enjoyed the filming process of 'The Ballad of Sarah Berry'.

I think this is my favourite Spirit video that I've been involved with so far. Cannot wait for Dear Evan Hansen to get to the West End!

Another Spirit video - this time from 'Be More Chill' - this was more acting than singing for me in this one but I enjoyed the dancing too. Tyler and I had a great time working together on it.

This is the final video released showing our (Spirit Young Performer's Company's) collaboration with Twist and Pulse. I was really pleased that it was a Hamilton Mash up and you can see my solo bit at 1 minute and 59 seconds. I loved the choreography for this one.

I had a great time manning the Spirit stand at Excel London on March 18th and then performing with the 'Spirit Jersey Boys' on the Showcase Stage.

 Our Jersey Boys Medley Group at Spirit will be performing at 'Move It' at London Excel on the Showcase Stage on Saturday 17th March. Here is a video of us rehearsing!

 'Bring It On' at The Old Repertory Theatre


February 8th - 10th.

I am so lucky to go to school with and work with these amazing people. Enjoyed playing the part of Randall.

So pleased to be in yet another video with all of these talented lot!

Another Spirit Video!

I had a fantastic day being involved in this video. It took a day to film it in London. I am very pleased that I was in quite a few songs. Over 200,000 views already!

We are now working on a Jersey Boys Medley with the boys in the group amongst lots of other songs. Here's a sneak preview on the link below and also another one of me in a dance class - I'm at the front. I am absolutely loving training with Spirit Young Performers Company in London now.

In February 2018 my Year 11 show at BOA is Bring It On.

I am playing the role of Randall and it will be performed at the Old Repertory Theatre in Birmingham. We have been rehearsing hard since September and practising cheerleading stunts.